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Pat Gulley Reflections.mp3
Excerpt from oral interview. Pat Gulley, a white resident, reflects on the DWIF and its impact

Pat Gulley on Fellowship Dissolution and Post-DWIF Activity.mp3
Excerpt from oral interview. Pat Gulley, a white Denton resident, discusses her view of the DWIF's dissolution and activities after the DWIF's heyday.

Pat Gulley on Childhood and Early Interracial Experiences.mp3
Pat Gulley describes growing up in North Texas and her early interactions with African Americans

Pat Gulley on Race Relations Today.wav
Excerpt of oral interview with Pat Gulley, a white resident. Ms. Gulley reflects on race relations today and the Hispanic community.

Pat Gulley on Breaking Down Integration.mp3
Pat Gulley reminisces on desegregation in Oklahoma City and before moving to Denton.

Mae Nell Shephard on Overton, Small-town Segregation, and Denton.mp3
Excerpt from interview with Mae Nell Shephard, a black resident of Denton. Mae Nell Shephard describes her childhood and moving to Denton.

Mae Nell Shephard on Race Relations Today and Need for the Fellowship.mp3
Interview clip of Mae Nell Shephard, a black resident, on race relations and a continued mission for the next generation.

Mae Nell Shephard on Registering Voters.mp3
Excerpt of an oral interview. Ms. Shephard, a black resident, talks about registering voters for the 1964 election in Denton
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