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Devotional from Wichita Falls Meeting.pdf
The text of a devotional delivered by Euline Brock at Presbyterial meeting in Wichita Falls, Texas in 1964.

Mae Nell Shephard on Children and Fellowship's Impact on them.mp3
Ms. Shephard, a black resident, describes what impact the DWIF had on her children's lives

Mae Nell Shephard on Kids, Schools, and Integration.mp3
Mae Nell Shephard, a black resident, talks about her children and their experience when schools began integration

4.1_Black involment with international students.JPG

Pat Gulley Reflections.mp3
Excerpt from oral interview. Pat Gulley, a white resident, reflects on the DWIF and its impact

Pat Gulley on Fellowship Dissolution and Post-DWIF Activity.mp3
Excerpt from oral interview. Pat Gulley, a white Denton resident, discusses her view of the DWIF's dissolution and activities after the DWIF's heyday.

Mae Nell Shephard reflecting on the Women of the Fellowship.mp3
Excerpt from oral interview. Mae Nell Shephard, a black resident, reflects on the women of the DWIF

Excerpt of an Oral History Interview. Billie Mohair, black resident of Denton, Texas, describes the relationship between religion and the Denton Women's Interracial Fellowship.

2.1_Riddlesperger school board.JPG
Photo of Carol Riddlesperger, white resident of Denton, Texas running for the Denton School Board in 1972.

Dr. Euline Brock discusses the first meetings of the DWIF and the subsequent impact of the group.
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