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Trinity Presbyterian 50th Booklet.pdf
Pages from a booklet written to celebrate the 50th anniversary of Trinity Presbyterian Church. Articles from the booklet include a biography of pastor, Paul Young, and a history of the Denton Women's Interracial Fellowship.

nursery school.png
Photograph of a nursery school class taken in front of the teacher's home on Prairie Street

2.1_Riddlesperger school board.JPG
Photo of Carol Riddlesperger, white resident of Denton, Texas running for the Denton School Board in 1972.

Devotional from Wichita Falls Meeting.pdf
The text of a devotional delivered by Euline Brock at Presbyterial meeting in Wichita Falls, Texas in 1964.


Brock background info.wav
Dr. Euline Brock, a white resident of Denton, Texas, discusses her upbringing in East Texas.

Brock Origins of IFG and developement.wav
Dr. Euline Brock discusses the origins and goals of the DWIF during the 1960s.

Brco beginnings with IFG.wav
Dr. Euline Brock talks about the beginnings of the Denton Women Interracial Fellowship.

Dr. Euline Brock discusses the first meetings of the DWIF and the subsequent impact of the group.
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