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Studio portrait of a young couple. John Amus Clark, on the left, wears a three-piece suit and felt hat. Maude Woods Clark [Hembry], on the right, wears a striped blouse, a plaid skirt, and a straw hat.

Photograph of Quakertown home of Maude Woods [Hembry] Clark, who was a relative of Alma Clark's husband, William. This home was built in 1905 at 97 Terry Street. It was relocated in 1921 to make way for a city park. Horses and railroad ties were used…

Dr. E.D. Moton.JPG
Portrait of Dr. E. D. Moton, the first African American doctor in Denton, visible from the chest up, wearing a dark-colored suit with pens in the jacket pocket

Norvell Reed.JPG
Norvell Reed, black resident of Denton, Texas was born in 1921, in Quakertown shortly before the residents were forced to relocate.

Dorothy Adkins at an honors ceremony for Denton ISD

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